Frequently Asked Questions

# eTeachers Global Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Register as a Teacher?

Just click on the "Become a Teacher" button on the front page and follow the instructions. Here are some hints on the various sections. Note. Other than your profile photo, no other documents submitted during registration can be seen by anyone other than our admin team and yourself.

Teacher Profile Photo (Good quality). We ask you to upload your profile photo at registration to ensure that all profiles look their best on the front page of the site and to maintain the professional image of the site. Maximum File Size 5 MB. Your profile photo is visible to students

Current Photographic ID. This is required so that we can verify the teacher's identity. Any normal Government or State approved Photo ID such as passport, driving licence, government or work ID cards are acceptable. Maximum File  Size 5 MB. This document can only be viewed by our Admin Team.

Postal Address, Email address and Contact Phone Number. These can only be viewed by our Admin Team. They are not visible to students or the public.

Utility Bill Header. This is used to cross reference the teacher's name with their Photo ID in case a spammer or or fake teacher is using a stolen or copied Photo ID. This document can only be viewed by our Admin Team.

URL (Website address) of your webpage entry on your National Teaching Council Register. This is used to verify that you are a qualified teacher of good standing in your country of residence or employment. We cross reference your name with your photo ID and Utility Bill sample. For example:

Accreditation and Other Supporting Documents. There is no need to upload scans of your teaching degrees, H Dips etc. as these have already been verified though your Teaching Council Registration link. Uploads here can include scans of your ELE / ESL, TEFL qualifications and also any other professional or industry specialist qualification that you have that are relevant to the courses you will teach. These documents can only be viewed by our Admin Team.

Standard Video Meeting Link. If you use a standard video weblink for Zoom, MS Meets, Google Hangouts etc, add the URL for your meeting link  (https://zoom.us/j/9681622xxxxxxxxxxxxx etc.) here. It will then be automatically included as a class video link in the emails sent by our platform to students each time they book one of your classes.

Map Location. The Map Location Feature is one of the most important search features for students to find you on the site. Students often search for teachers near where the student lives, works or studies.  To set your map location, go the bottom of the general settings dashboard page of your teacher profile. Drag the map icon to your preferred location on the map. Use the map zoom tool to drill down to a more detailed map location. To protect your privacy, we suggest selecting a map location in the centre of the town, region or country you wish to be found in rather than your own personal home or work location. The map location feature on your profile can be toggled on and off in your dashboard. If you switch the map off for your profile, your profile will be hidden to students searching the map for teachers.

What happens after I submit my registration form?

Once you submit your registration form, you will receive a validation email to confirm that your email address is correct. Please click on the link in this email to confirm your application.

After you verify your email address, our admin team carefully check your submitted credentials.

Please note, you will not be able to log into your account until it has been activated by our validation team. This process normally takes just a few hours or within one business day if you register after business hours Irish time. Once you have been approved, you can log into your teacher dashboard and upload your class availability and class details.

Teachers volunteering to teach Free Online English Classes to Students from Ukraine. Volunteer Teachers should register as described above and submit their proof of identity and teaching credentials. When uploading Free Classes set the price of each class to Free or Zero. Once a class price has been set to free, students can automatically bypass the site payment gateway when booking classes.

Further Help and Technical Support Please contact us at any time if you require further help or technical support or if you have any questions about eTeachers Global. Use our secure contact form at https://eteachersglobal.com/contact-eteachers-global.