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Learn English Online with our verified Native English speaking qualified teachers.

English Classes Online taught by Native English speakers with teaching degrees and ELE Qualifications
The Challenge

A large and growing number of non-native English speaking adults are attending colleges in English speaking countries. Their quality of English is sometimes mediocre and hinders both their learning and impacts on the classes that they join. Prior to enrolling in Third Level Colleges they need to be successful in English entrance exams Many students have proficient levels of English but still require additional help and support to improve their fluency and self-confidence using a second language and to familiarise themselves with local idioms and dialect.

Many non-native English speaking adults are working in Ireland. In addition to the needs of students they also seek to develop cross-cultural awareness. Many also require additional specific business/industry vocabulary.

Current solutions range from simple self-learning using one of the many inexpensive global online content providers where the student simply works with recordings, to the more expensive in-person language schools. In the middle are very large scale digital providers who connect aspiring students with ‘teachers’, who often have had limited training and qualifications. These platforms tend to sell ‘courses’ across many subjects, and to be focused on volume.

A Unique Solution

eTeachers Global is a new, Irish developed platform that solves these issues with a unique focus on combining the highest quality teaching with reasonable charges, complete flexibility for the student and ease of access from anywhere in the world.

The need for such an offering was first recognized by our CEO, Joan Gilligan, an experienced teacher, school principal, author and developer of digital learning material. Working with our CTO, Stuart McNamara, Joan developed the concept for eTeachers Global in 2020. With the support of Enterprise Ireland as well as Roscommon Local Enterprise Office (LEO) the two developed eTeachers Global through 2021.

Digital Education strategist and consultant Eileen O’Duffy joined the eTeachers Global team in late 2021 as Senior Edtech Advisor and has brought her wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the team. Following a successful MVP testing phase during 2021, with 100 teachers on board, the technical platform was perfected. In February 2022, eTeachers Global opened to teachers and students from Colleges and Industries in Ireland and abroad.

What makes eTeachers Global Special?

All of our Online English Teachers hold third level teaching degrees, are registered members of their National Teaching Council, have native English proficiency and hold recognised ELE qualifications such as TESOL, TEFL etc. In addition, the teaching credentials of each eTeacher on our platform are individually verified by our eTeachers Global recruitment team.

We believe that this makes eTeachers Global one of the most professional, trusted and effective providers of online English classes in the world.

The eTeachers Global Team

Joan Gilligan CEO

Joan Gilligan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of eTeachers Global Ltd.

Eileen O'Duffy Edtech Advisor

Eileen O'Duffy is Chief Education Technology (EdTech) Advisor to eTeachers Global.

Stuart McNamara CTO

Stuart McNamara is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of eTeachers Global.