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Are you already a teacher of languages or other academic subjects?

Are you a subject area expert who knows how to share your knowledge with others though online teaching?

Pokud ano, eTeachers je pro vás. Many talented teachers and instructores would love to share their knowledge and experience though online teaching, but they do not have the technical know how or experience to create, run and market an online teaching business. We have designed our eTeachers platform as a simple to use tool that allows you to:

  • Register an online account with your email and password
  • Build your own personal online class space using our easy to use wizard tool
  • Enter your PayPal or Credit Card (Stripe) account details to receive payments.
  • Connect your Zoom account and eTeachers account.
  • List your classes and class schedule on your own booking engine.
  • Sell your online classes to a global audience

We have worked very hard to make

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